Jennifer Theodore

Creative Design & Development

Four Seasons Grill

Small business site for local restaurant



The restaurant wanted to increase traffic especially off-season, but had no visibility whatsoever on the web. They wanted a site that reflected the mountain feel of the area, as well as their fresh, home-style cooking, which was well-known to locals. Additionally, they wanted to let people know that they provide highly flexible catering services.


To accomplish a strong web presence that would draw customers even off-season, I designed a site that had the same cozy, log-cabin style feel as the restaurant does. I highlighted the superb location at the foot of the area’s ski resort and the variety of items that they have on their menu.

Warm and inviting

Created a mountain-feel that tourists in that area are looking for and that matched the warm, cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Find info quickly
Highlight of additional services

/* Development */

Created a child theme with custom functionality and styles that could be easily maintained.

Maintainable Menu {

  • Added plugin with custom styles to allow owners to easily add and update restaurant menus


Goole Maps {

  • Embedded a functioning map on the site that users can zoom in and out on, as well as click to get directions to the restaurant


Custom Plugin to Display Local Art {

  • Wrote a custom gallery plugin to allow tagging of images
  • Lets owners upload and tag images as “art”, which automatically places them on the Local Art gallery page
  • Allows for the easy addition or removal of art images as paintings are sold and new paintings are added, simply by adding or removing the “art” tag from the image



I added the restaurant to Google Business and Google Maps to increase visibility in the area, especially for tourists. I really played up the mountain feel and home-style cooking, which is what tourists there (the vast majority of which are from Florida) are looking for. To help them connect with their local customers, I set up a Facebook page for them where they can post specials and changes to their business hours, which was important since the area is highly seasonal.


I installed Google Analytics on the site to gather information specifically on where customers who ultimately called the store or submitted information requests were coming from (local or out of state), what they were looking for when the viewed the site, and what they were most interested in (menu options, catering, etc.) in order to focus future marketing campaigns in the right area.