Jennifer Theodore

Creative Design & Development

LED Lighting Source

Informational & sales-lead generation site



Owner needed a site to generate leads by showcasing his products and recent projects.


I created a catalog-style site with a design aimed at driving users to contact the business.

Illuminating Design

Used client’s work photos to showcase the difference LEDs can make in a home/business and drive potential customers to get in touch with the owner about upgrading their lights.

Created a catalog-style layout that helps users find what they were looking for.
Clean, informative product pages

Development: Project included a child theme with customizations to disable the sales features of WooCommerce, creating a catalog that the owner can turn into an online store with just a few clicks.

Catalog Setup {

  • Product management and checkout with WooCommerce
  • Created a custom taxonomy for manufacturers to allow the owner to easily tag products of the same brand and automatically create pages for each manufacturer


Technical Specs {

  • Created custom fields on products to allow owner to quickly and easily upload spec sheets
  • If a product has spec sheets, a button to download them is automatically created and displayed on the front end



Setting up a website where potential customers could compare the details on available products and see examples of past work helps drive the tried and true “word of mouth” marketing strategy (which this client had already mastered) home.


Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel were implemented to track both how customers were finding the site and what types of customers were browsing to help the client explore new sales avenues.