Jennifer Theodore

Creative Design & Development

Southern Appalachia Lawn Care

One-page small business site



Client needed a very simple site to help customers in the area find him. He wanted to keep it simple but scalable as he plans to grow his business in the future.


I created a simple, single-page design with a fixed navigation bar that makes it quick and easy for customers to find all of the information they need.

Bright and clean-cut

Provide pertinent information for customers that is quick and easy to find

A simple, single-page design helps customers get information quickly

/* Development */

Made a child theme with custom styles and functionality to create a single-page site that is ready to scale as the company grows.

Custom Panel Styles {

  • Created a child theme with custom styles for displaying page content within panels
  • Page-based panel generation allows for easy expansion of the site into a multi-page site in the future



Client uses Instagram to stay engaged with his customer base and showcase recent work.


Implemented Google Analytics to determine how customers were finding the site and identify the best avenues for future advertising when the business is ready to expand.